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What To Wear To Make Him Go WOW!!!

Ask any male what he finds sexy on a female  and the generic answer is usually ” nothing” followed by a giggle. But men are known ‘ visuals’ and they do notice what women are wearing and your taste in style.


You want to make a great first impression, whether its your first date together or want to spark his interest in you. Check out which seemingly innocent looks turn him crazy for you.


  1. A T-Shirt and Jeans combo

Its hard to go wrong with this simply yet classic outfit. A T-shirt that fits you snug and a pair of jeans that accentuates your curves in all the right ways. You know what else is great, you can pair it with heels or knee high boots.


2. A Summer Dress

A simple yet chic summer dress with sandals and flowing locks represents your down to earth. Show him you like to have fun and can laugh at his jokes. ( Our Padma Dress $65.00)


3. A Baggy Shirt Dress

Sure its not the most flattering and not the first outfit choice that comes to mind but it puts your legs on display and with heels it will leave them looking longer and leaner not to mention his imagination will go crazy for you. ( Our Check Yourself Shirt $55.00)




4.  A Little Black Dress

Men love a fitted black dress, its simple really they like to see that their is a body under there, even if its not perfect. Add a red lip and he will go crazy for you all night. (Our Stella Dress $90.00)





5.  A Pony Tail Hair DO

We know its not an item of clothing but something that can be both simple yet sexy. Its the ultimate girl next door look, plus every guys first crush wore her hair in a pony tail. Its a fact.




Have fun with your style, rock your confidence and add your favourite perfume for a personal touch and a good smell is hard to forget. Give them something to remember.


Good vibes are simply unbeatable.