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How To Do A Breast Exam

Did you know, there’s the possibility that one in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast cancer and in 2015 there was diagnosis of 15,740 new cases of the disease.

The risk of you being diagnosed of breast cancer increases by 10% if you have a mother, sister or daughter who had been diagnosed with the disease. However, survival rate stands at 90% when detected in its early stages.


Here is a step by step of knowing the symptoms and how to do a self examination.





Perform monthly self exams, get to know your body. Recognise any changes, lift your arm in the air and feel in a circular motion. (demonstration) The best time to examine is 7-10 days after your monthly cycle. Not uncommon to feel lumps, due to cysts, scar tissue and swollen glands.



Know what you are looking for. Eg anything that feels hard, its usually painless and unmoveable. Also examine underneath your arm.



Recognise any skin and nipple changes, any pain, redness, itchiness, un usual discharge seek medical advice.



See your doctor and get an annual breast exams every year after 40. If you have family history please inform your doctor.




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DID YOU KNOW everyday 2 women under 40 are newly diagnosed.


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Your cheat sheet to shopping online!

6 Things to look for while shopping online.

Sometimes its easier to shop online, we all lead busy lives with up coming events and with work going on it isn’t always easy to find time to head to the shops, find a free parking space only to find the outfit you had planned for doesn’t have your size or fit your amazing figure the way you hoped. Shopping online solves all these and many more but your unsure where to start.

Stay Cool!


Here are 7 things to look for to make sure you don’t get caught out and all your shopping needs are met.


  1. Returns Policy/ Options

Before handing over your information check the returns policy to make sure they offer a few options like exchange/ refund in case you have any issues and you need flexibility.


2. Contact Email / CHAT NOW Button

Make sure you can access them directly either via email / CHAT NOW button which is usually located at the bottom right hand of the screen to ask any questions like colour / sizing clarification. Simply send them an email so you feel more at ease and know they will respond within reasonable time period.


3. Sizing Chart 

This is handy to have as you can’t try on what you are looking and sizing does vary on different fabrics and style of the design. Its best to feel comfortable with your decision.


4. Multiple Images of Stock 

This is important as it gives you various images of the item you are interested in. Images should provide a front and back and a detailed description of each design.


5. Tracked Shipping

Always check shipping details as the company should usually provide tracked shipping for your order as you can see when it leaves the warehouse to when it arrives at your door. Its like receiving a present to yourself.


6. Donation To A Cause 

Here at Nevaeh By Honour we pride ourselves on partnering with the McGrath Foundation and donating a portion of every purchase to help those fighting females become survivors and beating the disease and providing on going support for the families. Change someones story one purchase at a time.


Keep this cheat sheet in mind and Happy Shopping!