A Cause We Support

“When someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of anything in return” Our mission is to empower women to live their best life in style.

Nevaeh By Honour – in memory of our founder’s mother.

By owning a piece of the Nevaeh By Honour collection, you will own a piece of the imagination and experience of our many designers, who have shaped the label into what it is today. Each piece has been made with passion and care, with those who want to make a difference in this amazing, crazy, wonderful life in mind.

Nevaeh By Honour was created to help make a change in this world after our founder Natalie lost her mother to breast cancer. Natalie wanted to help others avoid going through this experience and decided to do it the only way she knew how – through her passion for fashion.

The pink ribbon symbolizes strength and breast cancer awareness month every year in October. Here at Nevaeh By Honour we want to help raise awareness about the disease, support those fighting it, and make a difference. We are committed to donating $3.00 from each sale to the McGrath Foundation, makes life for families experiencing breast cancer that little bit easier.

The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Cancer Nurses in communities accross Australia as well as increasing awareness in young people.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses help families in Australia experiencing breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological, and emotional support from the time of diagnoses and throughout treatment. This support is provided free of charge and can be accessed through self-referral.


“Change starts within”

In 2015 canceraustralia.gov.au reported the following statistics:

Let’s stand together and be the change the world needs.